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Population PKPD Modeling & Simulation with the MonolixSuite
Âncora Monolix

September 22nd and 23rd | Online

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RedIF 2021 Hands-On Workshop

Population PKPD Modeling & Simulation with the MonolixSuite

September 22nd and 23rd, 2021

Registration: August 9, 2021 up to September 8, 2021

Language             Hands-On


Instructor: Marc Lavielle (INRIA)

Limited number of

Âncora 1

A 2 days workshop on the MonolixSuite will be given by Marc Lavielle on the 22nd and 23rd of September. It is designed for both beginners and advanced modellers. The course will present how to use Monolix for PKPD modelling, population analysis and parameter estimation. The course will include training on Mlxtran, the simple and powerful declarative script language for continuous and discrete pharmacometric models. Advanced modelling features such as categorical and count data models, mixture models, time to events will be presented. The course will also provide training on Simulx, a powerful clinical trial simulator for the simulation and visualization of longitudinal data and virtual patient populations.  Finally, the course will present the R package “LixoftConnectors” that allows to run the different programs of the MonolixSuite from R.

About the event

Date: September 22nd and 23rd, 2021

Time: 9:00a.m to 12:00a.m and 1:30p.m to 4:30p.m (GMT-3).

Language: Spanish exhibition (Hands-On in Spanish and Portuguese)

Prerequisites: basics of population PK-PD modelling.

InEvent Plataform: subscribers will receive a link to access

Limited number of participants


Registration fee: U$20 - (R$ 110 convert to Brazil)

 Registration: August 9th up to September 8th


Registration fees are not refundable in any instance.

If a registrant is unable to attend the event for any reason he(she) may substitute, by arrangement with the Organization Committee, someone else to attend in his(her) place up to September 12th.

After this date, registration transferir won't be accepted.

Check the program and schedule for this event

  Day 1


  Day 2


09:00 am   Introduction

09:15 am   PK modeling with Monolix

10:45 am   Break                                                                                 

11:00 am   Hands-on 1: PK model

12:00 am   Solutions for Hands-on 1: PK model

12:15 pm   Lunch                                                                                

1:15 pm     Efficient model building with Monolix 

3:30 pm     Break                                                                                 

3:45 pm     Hands-on 2: Model building

4:45 pm     Solutions for Hands-on 2: Model building

5:00 pm     End of Day 1



​09:00 am   PKPD modeling with Monolix

10:45 am   Break                                                                                 

11:00 am   Hands-on 3: PKPD modeling

12:00 am   Solutions for Hands-on 3: PKPD modeling

12:15 pm   Lunch                                                                                

1:15 pm     Clinical Trial Simulation with Simulx

2:30 pm     The LixoftConnectors R package

3:00 pm     Break                                                                                 

3:15 pm     Hands-on 4: Clinical trial simulation

4:15 pm     Solutions for Hands-on 4: Clinical trial simulation

4:30 pm     End of Day 2


Marc Lavielle

Research Director at Inria (France)

Marc Lavielle is a Research Director at Inria. He created and led the CNRS Research Group “Statistics and Health”. He is a member of the French National Council for Biotechnologies. He has worked on the development of maximum-likelihood estimation methods, applied to a broad area of applications (geophysics, signal processing, neuro-imaging, agronomy, genetics, PKPD,…). Marc Lavielle is the author of the book Mixed Effects Models for the Population Approach: Models, Tasks, Methods and Tools (Chapman & Hall/CRC Biostatistics Series, 2014). He has also co-authored several papers on various aspects of statistical estimation and on SAEM algorithm. Several of the methods that he developed are implemented in the Monolix software.

Hands-On Tutors


  • Bibiana Verlindo de Araújo (UFRGS/Brazil)

  • Francine Johansson Azeredo (UFBA/Brazil)

  • Natália Valadares de Moraes (UNESP/Brazil)

  • Sandra Hass




  • Manuel Ibarra (UdelaR/Uruguay)

  • Marianela Lorier (UdelaR/Uruguay)

If you have any questions contact us at

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